Ben Muna defies Cameroon Gov’t:Federation is the Best Form of Decentralization

Ben Muna Presidential candidate of the 2011 elections, Bernard Muna has outrightly declared that “the best form of decentralization in Cameroon is a federation”. He made this statement in a live televised interview, granted to […]

Cameroon-Anglophone crisis:The B’da Court is incompetent to try Bishop Esua & Co

The Bamenda Court of First Instance of the North West Region of Cameroon is incompetent to try the bishop of the Archdiocese of Bamenda His Lordship Cornelius Fontem Esua and other catholic authorities of the […]

Commonwealth Must Address Human Rights Abuses In Cameroon Says Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland has been urged to address the spiraling human rights violations in Cameroon, press President Biya to restore fundamental freedoms and refer the matter to the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group […]