Ben Muna defies Cameroon Gov’t:Federation is the Best Form of Decentralization

Ben Muna Presidential candidate of the 2011 elections, Bernard Muna has outrightly declared that “the best form of decentralization in Cameroon is a federation”. He made this statement in a live televised interview, granted to […]

Cameroon:Detained Anglophone Consortium Leader Tipped For Ministerial Post.

Detained Consortium President,Dr. Barr. Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla Cameroon Civil Society Consortium President Barrister Agbor Nkongho Félix currently detained and to be tried for trumped up charges in a military court in Yaoundé by the 35 […]

Direct Appeal to the UN Security Council to interven in former British Southern Cameroons

Urgent Appeal to the UN Security Council :Part II 1. Based on the above background the civil society of the former British Southern Cameroons that they should address an urgent appeal to the United Nations […]

Breaking News!!! Cameroon Adjourns Court Case for 3 Anglophone pilitical prisoners

Cameroon has Adjourns the Court Case for Anglophone pilitical prisoners.The case of canglophone consortium leaders Barrister Agbor Felix Nkongho and Dr. Fontem Neba including conffin revolutionary leader Mancho Bibixy has been adjourned to Fabuary 13 […]

Petition to Try Mr Biya on Crimes Against Humanity received at The Hague

President Biya of Cameroon. Petition from the West Cameroon Association of Humanitarian and Health Services Workers in North America, Europe and Australia. ================================== Contact: Dr. Nicolas Santos, Dr. Marievonne Namondo Hofmeister. Dr. Emmanuel Senjo Email: […]