The Anglophone minority is a delayed time bomb in Cameroon according to US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)Declassified document. The CLASSIFIED file  CIA-RDP86T01017R000707040001-2  of which obtained a copy was approved for release on March 7, 2011.
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In  an insight, the original classified ducumment published  February 3, 1986 disclosed  the Challenges Ahead for Biya.

Then, Cameroon had not experienced any political instability that had engulfed many West and Central African states.

The more than 30 years old ducumment revealed that the Anglophones who constitute 20 % of the a nearly 10 millions population fear a gradual assimilation by the dominant Francophone community,according the US embassy reporting the challenge for Biya’s rule.
President paul Biya

“We believe the Anglophone minority is a potential timebomb and should the central government fail to respect their cultural  and linguistic traditions,the two million population may view armed confrontations as their only alternative.

Cameroon is officially bilingual but with a perfect mastery of French it is difficult for Anglophones to gain admission in to the best schools and public service.”

According to the US ducumment, Anglophone students who constitute over one eight of the 15.000 students attending the university of Yaounde are potentially volatile group and the Anglophone Students demands then included the creation of an English language university.



Screen shot CIA statement.

The reports also reveals that the Mother of the most direct challenge to Mr Paul Biya, the president of the republic of Cameroon was the coup attempt of April 6th , 1984 by 700 elites of the former presidential guards originally hand picked by  Ahmadou Ahidjo.

The Declassified CIA file reports the coup by former President Ahidjo’s loyalists triggered Biya’s decision to transfer most presidential guards out of Yaoundé. The military remain loyal to Biya and he appears loyal to the senior military officers.

Although Biya appears to command the military loyalty, the CIA reports says senior officers may increasingly demand decision-making role if he fails to stem tribal descent and violence may erupt.

The possibility of a younger and more nationalist officer frustrated over slow advancement and tribal grievances could attempt a coup.

Furthermore, the ducumment  also details Tribilism,threats of national unity, pressure of political liberation, the economy, relationship with France, ties with the US and even religious splits.

Download the Declassified the link below.PDF icon CIA-RDP86T01017R000707040001-2.pdf [3]

By Edmond Tambe





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