US Department ranks Cameroon the second most dangerous country in the world-Reports


The report was posted on December 22, 2015 on the website of the US State Department.After South Sudan, Cameroon comes second amongst the most dangerous country in the world.This is the result of the report issued by the Board of foreign relations at the US State Department .The facts on this report are based on the insecurity in the north of Cameroon.

The US State Department in this report formally warns the movement of its citizens in the North and East of the country. The northern region because of attacks and kidnappings orchestrated by the terrorist sect Boko Haram. As for the eastern region, it  signalled the Seleka rebels thread.

 US state department indicates that 21 foreigners have been kidnapped since 2003. And since July 2015, Boko Haram has been responsible for at least 14 suicide attacks in the North and the Far North, including Maroua. By this therefore , Cameroon is more dangerous than Nigeria and the Central African Republic respectively both ranked the 30 th and 20 th  by the said report.

Also,the political capital Yaounde and the economic capital Douala have very high crime rate caused according to the report by  high rate of unemployment and under-equipped police service.

The flow of refugees to Cameroon negatively impact the country’s economy. Which is already suffering with the fatal consequences of royal  exodus.

Below is the first  32 ranked by US STATE DEPARTMENT in its report.

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