US Snubs Biya’s plea to disperse S. Cameroonian protesters in New York [Videos]

A massive crowd of Southern Cameroonians on Friday,  stormed the hotel where Mr Paul and Chantal Biya reside in downtown New York .

The protesters blocked the hotel’s entrance, preventing Paul Biya and his  delegation from making even the slightest move.

Now , can  confirm that the head of state  instructed the Cameroonian ambassador to the United States to ask the US government to disperse the protesters.Plea this publication  gathered fell on death ears as the Southern Cameroonians had sought permission to protest.

The  demonstration in New York was the last of the day in the Southern  Cameroon’s worldwide protest against the occupier regime of Yaoundé . On the home front,  there was a massive turn out in areas of the former British Cameroons resulting in loss of eight lives  :
-1 in Mamfe,
-1 in Santa,
-2 in Kumbo,
-2 in Limbe,
-1 in Buea (by mayor Patrick Ekema himself)
-1 in Bamenda (old town).

It should be noted that during his speech on September 22nd, 2017, Paul Biya ignored the crisis that has shaken the English-speaking area fore almost a year now  .below is the video of Southern Cameroonians protesting against Biya at the entrance to his New York hotel.

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