USA:Close call as ship heads for house

An enormous cruise ship came within metres of this waterfront home.

Florida – A panicking homeowner waved his arms in horror as giant cruise liner steamed towards his waterside home in Florida this week.

The boat usually passes from the Port Everglades docks through to the Atlantic Ocean, passing by the home.

Carrying 2 850 people and weighing about 122 000 tons, even the slightest touch by the Celebrity Equinox could have caused catastrophic damage to the house.

But when a fuel spill closed off its usual route at Port Everglades, a tricky manoeuvre saw the ship come dangerously close to nearby homes.

As the captain attempted to turn the huge vessel, it drifted closer and closer to the houses, some of which are worth millions of dollars.

A homeowner filmed the moment when the enormous cruise ship came within metres of her home as her husband waved his arms in sheer panic.

The woman can be heard screaming “it’s too close” as the vessel drifted towards their home.

The ship can be seen towering over Bill Todhunter as his wife Yasmine recorded the extremely close encounter.

Footage shows Bill desperately running onto the deck of the house. The ship seemed to be backing away as the couple watched on in disbelief. Bill said it stopped about 30m from his patio.

He said: “When the cruise ship’s thrusters stopped, there was silence and I yelled: ‘Somebody is going to get fired.’ And everybody on the ship applauded.

“We’ve been here for six years and we’ve never seen anything like that. We’ve never seen anything that close.”

The ship had been heading out for a 10-night Caribbean cruise.

– Mirror

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