US,UK,UN and FRANCE connived with the oppressor, call the AU, says expert!

An African negotiator in the peace process of both Somalia and Rwanda (names withheld) claims that NATO and all members of the security council will never let France lose the Oil in Southern Cameroons. he says that the more minerals they loot, the richer their banks get, and their banks affect the entire Western World. Since France is a permanent member of the UN security council, it is impossible for France to vote against itself to lose free access to mineral resources in Southern Cameroons. He further analyses after listing an unending list of countries where the permanent members of the security council helped the NATO members to loot the poorer countries unjustly, citing Libya and Congo. He added that “Southern Cameroons stand a better chance inviting the African Union for help”. He ended by asking “why do you think Mugabe warned the Ban Ki Moon that African countries could pull out of the United Nations?”.

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