Hon. Joseph Wirba

Hon. Wirba Joseph, the SDF member of parliament who read an unprecedented and defiant speech at the national of assembly of Cameroon in Yaounde about Anglophone marginalization has sent a ghost town Message to Southern Cameroonians,it reads;
“Thank you my poeple of West Cameroon for taking your destiny into your hands!Thank you for resisting suppression and oppression! We will resist to the last child! We declare this week “West Cameroon resistance week!” Hon WIRBA.

The MP’s message falls inline with the Cameroon civil society consortium decision that Ghost towns continue on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th.

Meanwhile,The Governor of North West Region today Monday 6th has received the heavy blow in Nkambe where he came to relaunch the school year for the entire North West on behalf of the Minister of Secondary Education.
Informations from Dunga mantung division says Nkambe Youths this Morning mounted Barroquets and blocked the main entrance into Nkambe.
Upon the governors arrival,all schools were closed, and all campuses void. No single pupil nor student in uniform. Governor lele lafrique could only meet the S.D.O of Donga Mantung and the Gendarms as all parents and their Children were at home ,as they respect the ghost town called by the Cameroon Anghlophone civil society consortium who are demanding the release of their leaders and all detained Anglophone who are not being tried in their local courts but taken to unkown destination.
Many feared dead.

by Adama CHE



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