Hon.  Wirba Joseph

Hon. Joseph Wirba says “West Cameroon will not be sold by fake and hungry teachers”.

In message to West Cameroonians via Mark Bareta sitting in for Anglophone civil society consortium leaders ( in jail) the SDF MP adds that “ghost town intensify Monday”.

Titled “for urgent publication”,Wirba wrote, ” West Cameroon will not be sold by fake and hungry teachers”! ghost town intensify Monday”.Get set for the February 10th and 11th ghost weekend “.

Alafnet.com understands MP for Jakiri was reacting to an announcement by state owned radio CRTV calling off of the strike action by some teachers trade union and that classes should resume on Monday.

While warning that the said news is FAKE, The Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society consortium maintains that the strike action shall only be called off when all components of the consortium meet including those in detention on a live television show. As such, the Consortium in a briefing Saturday evening said the strike action continues.

The Consortium further advices Parents of the two English-speaking regions to continue keeping their children home. And the Ghost towns on Monday 6th February should be very effective.

In a his first video message to Cameroonians of the English decent from a western embassy in Yaounde where he is seeking refuge, the Teachers Association of Cameroon(TAC) President Tassang Wilfred noted that he is still incharge because he is still in the country.

It is understood Four Out of the Six Teachers Trade Unions Suspended the Strike in a Communique signed Friday February 3,2017 and made Public after meeting with North West Governor Lele Lafrique this Saturday.

The signatories are:-AFU STEPHEN of Presbyterian Education Authority Teachers Trade Union,PEATTU

-SEMA VALENTINE newly designated spokesman of CATTU,Cameroon Teachers Trade Union
-TAME VALENTINE President of Teachers Association of Cameroon ,TAC
-AYEAH EMMANUELA of Baptist Teachers Trade Union of Cameroon of BATTUC

Meanwhile, SYNES UB and the CEWOTU that is Catholic Education Workers Trade Union which has been transformed to CETTU,Catholic Education Teachers Trade Union did not sign.

The big question is how did TAME VALENTINE signed as President of Teachers Association of Cameroon ,TAC,when Tassang Wilfred is the President?

By Evangeline Sih

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