West Cameroon:Ghost town in all force dispite consortium call for day off

Photo Ghost town in Mamfe

Western Cameroonians are proofing that they have enough energy to carry the current Anglophone resistance to any extent.

Reports reaching alafnet.com says the ghost is on in Major cities of Southern Cameroons today Monday 13th of February,2017 despite calls by the Anglophone Civil Society Consortium for the population of Cameroonians of the English decent to take a day off from the ghost town following the successful boycott of 11 February celebrations and taking in to account that the population respected ghost town for three days last week.

In Jakiri, Mamfe the ghost is on, it has been confirmed to very intense in the royal areas than most urban centres.

Meanwhile early reports from Yaounde say over 40 Common and Civil Law Lawyers are  sitting in the Yaounde Military Court, waiting to defend Barrister Agbor Nkongho, Dr. Fontem and Mancho Bibixy.

The hearing  set for February 1, 2017, was adjourned for today February 13th 2017 by the Yaoundé based court.

In a developing story the delegation of Basic Education in Mamfe eqs burnt last night by unknown persons.

By Evangeline Sih




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