What Single-Parenthood did to Memphis ‘Depay’.

Another glaring example of how single-parenthood affects growing children and may do so all their lives. The young, powerful, and intelligent football striker, who plays for Manchester United, has decided to cut all cords with his paternal side. He has a biological Ghanian father and a Dutch mother.

Fans have wondered why he uses his first name instead of hi surname on the back of his jersey. Memphis told Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant

It’s very tricky for me, because you’d prefer to play with your last name on your jersey, like everybody…  He hasn’t earned it.” he said, referring to his biological father. “But the rift with my father is irreparable. I don’t speak to him. I have no contact with family on my father’s side. And I never will again.

Memphis’ father’s own side of the story isn’t out. But his mother told him that his father left them when he was 4. She searched for a father figure to bring up the little boy and later found a partner in a man with 15 children. It was hard for little Memphis, being the new one, in such a family. Shortly after, his new father figure sent them parking, when he won a multi million lottery; things became rough again for the single mother and Memphis. “I don’t want people feeling sorry for me” he said. On and off the street, he went and came, with little wisdom not to get into trouble.

Time passed and then he landed his first contract into football. But his past has haunted him ever since as his behavior cried out for guidance and discipline. He has been often termed as uncontrollable and heavily misunderstood by coaches who didn’t understand his psychological background. He was sometimes full of rage against any authority figure in his life. His savior is his talent.

The 21 year old made a good impression to new fans in his first match with Manchester united, scoring 2 goals against Club Brugge.

The BBC reported “We’ve been asked, To just call the new kid Memphis.”


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