When Mugabe decided to use his ‘Afrikan’ mind.

There was a time when President Robert Mugabe slept in the same bed with the west, way above Mandela. Europe and America loved him because he fought for independence of his country and said that everyone was welcome to stay including the colonizers. Meanwhile Mandela was considered by the west, Europe and America, as a terrorists that deserved death sentence. The fate of both leaders switched when Mugabe started demanding full independence both economically and in land ownership. While Mandela only asked for social freedom and allowed the colonial masters to retain the lands and economic dominance. Mugabe became the instant devil and Mandela became the instant God like personality.  Mandela is the white man’s hero; he has saved the white man and the black man has not got back his property till today. He was put on this white mainstream media for Africans who refuse to think for themselves, to be deceived. But we believe Africans should learn for themselves who is a hero without what the mainstream media say.

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