alafnet.com is getting confirmed reports that the no-nonsense SDF MP WIRBA B. Joseph is getting a unanimous support from the leaders of the SCNC, SCAPO, Republic of Ambazonia, The Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium – CACSC, MoRISC, Southern Cameroons South Africa Forum, Southern Cameroonians in Nigeria – SCINGA and the Ambazonia Governing Council to be the president of the New Southern Cameroons Government just days after sneaking into neighbouring Nigeria .

A source close to the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front -SCACUF in Nigeria has hinted that the decision expected from the United unshakable Front for the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons to choose Mr Wirba to lead the Liberation  government should be an acknowledgement of the bravery of the Martin Luther of the current West Cameroon struggle.

While waiting for an official announcement from the New Southern Cameroons Government and its president himself from their Nigeria base,alafnet.com think that  the entire people of former British Cameroon will welcome the decision because the government is well blended with South-westerners and North-westerners.A worldwide call for Ambazoinians to form a government to lead the people resulted to the formation of this government.

Wirba has not been seen in public since 14th of January,2017. like Barrister BOBGA HARMONY MBUTON ,WILFRED TASSANG and Barrister ELIAS EYAMBE EBAI all of whom are the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium official ,Wirba  fled the country some  three months after the Delegate general for natisonal security(DGSN) Martin braga Nguele signed decision No. 000111 / dgsn / SG / dpf / s of January ,20,2017 ordering all deputy regional delegates for national security and all border delegate general of national security to barn and arrest Supreme Court advocate General Justice Ayah Paul Abine and Wirba Joseph, which alafnet.com report.


The SDF member of the national assembly from the Jakiri special constituency in Bui Division, North West region,in a letter to the Anglophone Consortium earlier this month requested the movement to come out with a plan for West Cameroonian MPs to return home.





His fans were expecting that WIRBA  to be a major attraction at the march 2017 session of parliament , bit his absence at the opening on the 13th raised public eyebrows even though Hon. Joseph  Banadzem of the SDF  in an interview with equinox tv played down the news, saying WIRBA’s absense was not very particular as there were many other parliamentarians who are  absent in the current session.He became a social media sensation in December 2016 after an igniting video in the floor of the glass house of the oppressor went viral.

During parliamentary QUESTION TIME in the November 2016 session Joseph Wirba said the anglophones of the North west and South west regions were treated like slaves and a captured people, would resist domination by the majority Francophones and the Yaounde government.

Against a Prefectorial order of the DO for Bui Division, WIRBA  held a popular restitution rally in kumbo (chief town of his bui division of origin) where he repeated his believe for the Anglophone cause and sought to energize his people to adhere to the ongoing Former West Cameroon struggle

by Hillman Muntang


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