Zimbabwe:Shut up and stop it, says First Lady

Amai Mugabe

Amai Mugabe

Zanu-PF members should stop setting President Mugabe against his appointees and concentrate on issues affecting the electorate such as drought-induced food shortages, the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe, who is also Secretary for Women’s Affairs said yesterday.

Amai Mugabe said a people-oriented party like Zanu-PF should not spend the whole year discussing disciplinary issues, instead of service delivery.

“I always say as Zanu-PF, we’ve got an upper hand now and the people know that it is the party representing them and working to fulfil their needs,” she said.

“So what is all this fighting for? Why are you doing that? You stop it! All of you! We do not want that. Do not appear as if you want to create friction between the President and those he chose to work with. If you see us quiet, do not think we are foolish. We are watching you.

“It appears some of you went to school to learn about obscenities only. Kutukana kutaridza kuti ndini ndinoziva mavhoko ekutuka uyu. You stop it! Varume vakuru! You think as women, we are not able to shout at each other? We are able, but we know it does not bring food on the table. If you are educated, your talk and behaviour should reflect that. Respect those who respect you.”

The First Lady made the remarks while addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters who gathered at the Zanu-PF headquarters in Harare to thank President Mugabe for a successful tour of duty as the African Union chairman.

The women and youths also wanted to show solidarity with the First Family following the attempted bombing of their farm, Gushungo Dairy.

Amai Mugabe said manoeuvres by some party cadres to set President Mugabe against his subordinates would come to naught.

Some, she said, instead of expending energy of service delivery, were outdoing each in verbosity.

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has clashed with War Veterans Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and the pair has taken their vendetta to the private media.

Prof Moyo has gone a step further, attacking other party cadres including Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa on his Twitter account, something which has been widely condemned by many.

The First Lady said the infighting was distracting the country’s leadership from focusing on “real issues” while the Zanu-PF Politburo was always seized with disciplinary issues.

“Right now, the rains have not been coming and that is what we should focus on,” she said.

“If there is peace, the leadership will be able to work without any hindrance and you think with all these petty fights it is possible? VaMnangagwa naVice President (Phelekezela) Mphoko vakutombosiya kuti grain toiwana kupi, vaakufunga kuti ko zviri kutaurwa izvi? You want the Politburo to always sit talking about petty issues? We need progressive things not to have disciplinary issues year in and year out.”

She added: “We want to talk about serious issues and I think those doing that should be told to shut their mouths because they are distracting Zimbabwe.

“We have work before us as we made promises to the people during the 2013 harmonised elections and that is what we should deliver.”

She said most infighting was being done by male figures in the party and as a mother figure she would not hesitate to reprimand them.

On the planned bombing, which was thwarted by police at the First Family’s farm in Mazowe, Amai Mugabe said: “It means you even want to kill my children. We can’t have a Zimbabwe like that.”

She said in the face of the illegal sanctions imposed by the West, Zimbabweans should have a unity of purpose and work for the development of the country.

Amai Mugabe urged journalists to report responsibly saying negative reports would never take Zimbabwe anywhere.

“This is our country and all these negative stories are heard all over and if instability is to come, it doesn’t affect me alone but you will also be included.

“You might write and your paper will not be bought because the purchasing power would have diminished,” Amai Mugabe said.

“Let us be patriotic despite our political affiliations. Let us write stories which do not drive away investors.”

She said differences should be resolved amicably, internally and without taking the issues to the private media.

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