Biya regime using the back door to bury Bishop JMB BALA in bafia is getting confirmed reports that the government of the Republic is trying to curropt who ever she can, can to see that the late Bishop of Bafia mgr Benoit Bala is buried.

A source in Bafia informs that,”A priest of the Cathedral of San Sebastian  in Bafia has warned individuals presenting themselves as senior officers of the Cameroonian Judicial Police who, in his absence Thursday, attempted unfair and intimidating maneuvers on one of his vicars to make sure they put pressure for the body  of Bishop JMB BALA is received for burial,  in the name of the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese.

The priest by his warning message calls   all the faithful to the extremely vigilant, while attracting the attention of the Cameroonian forces of the order on these scandalous usurpation!

He therefore promises divine anger and punishment proportional to any other slippage of the kind for anyone who would still risk it, until the 4th Generation. The Bishop will still reject the copse anyways, he warns.>

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