Cameroun : AGBOR Felix Nkongho Balla REJECTS Conditional Bail??

To lay to rest the wild rumours circulating on social media about a possible conditional bail acceptance by Barrister Agbor Balla and Dr.Fontem come June 7th, Akoson pauline reports she decided to go undercover with a warder at the Kondengui Maximum Security prison at La Republique du CameroUn. The warder took questions to Balla and returned with answers.

“I am surprised by the rounds of rumours I hear is circulating on social media. How could I abandon others here and go home? The UN prescribed for unconditional release of all. We are in this struggle together; so, all of us – everyone – must be released unconditionally. Initially, we started with dialogue request, the government pushed us to believe only a federation would solve the ‘Anglophone Question’. And I still stand by that. I however note that the government’s actions radicalised the people further; most of whom now prefer to restore the Southern Cameroons state. I am not fabricating this. The government may want to test that by way of a referendum”.
The set reports by Akoson pauline in a post on her facebook page defies greatly with Balla defense counsel which sees no reason why the two leaders should not accept conditional bail.
While waiting for june 7th to see what happens at the Yaounde military court this alafentcom reporter thinks it will be wise if Balla had made those statements through his defense counsel in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Cameroon anglophone civil siciety consortium on the conditional release of their President Dr. Nkongho Felix and Dr Fontem Neba,secretary general has issued a press release this morning tittled “No to Conditional Release of Consortium Leaders, Planned Genocide” it reads

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